The Quiet Elephant Press is a design studio and a community publishing press


We are committed to working with empathy, fostering belonging and inclusion and engaging everyone in the creative process.

We work with you to design and print low cost flyers, posters and educational materials for local distribution.

Community engagement projects.

Graphic recording and facilitation at community meetings, workshops and conferences.

Visual thinking and design workshops for young people, local residents and community groups.

We publish visual memoirs, zines and limited edition prints and postcards at our small scale publishing press using the Risograph and Screen printing process.


We have worked with scores of individuals, educational institutions including the Boston Public Schools, community centers including the Pao Arts Center, civic organizations including the Civic Space Collaborative and Friends of Mary Ellen Welch Greenway and local Government including the City of Boston.

Krina Patel runs the press with her creative community of artist friends. Krina is an educator and visual thinker who has worked extensively in the education and arts space in the United States and South Asia. Her work is at the intersection of education, technology and the arts.
Krina's mentors include traditional as well as contemporary artists and artisans in India,Italy and the US. She completed her doctoral research on the engagement of the body, senses and tools in thinking and learning (embodied cognition) at Harvard University.Her work in education and technology is here.