Community Arts Projects

Community arts makes arts accessible to all. Seen this way it is a social and civic practice. The arts help us make meaning of our world. They allow us to look at the world from different vantage points and in new ways. Through empathetically designed projects we engage communities in sharing stories. The echoes and resonances of shared experiences create a sense of belonging.
Together we work towards arriving at a better understanding of the journey we are on and the world we share.

Stir a Memory, an arts and food project started in 2008 engaging communities in sharing memories through words and images.

The Kindness project invited visitors to Fort Point Open Studios to explore the idea of kindness.

Walk Together, a public art installation for Black History Month crossing the span of Summer Street bridge that is used by pedastrians mainly commuters going to and fro from South Station, Boston.

The Pinanta Party was an inter-generational event inviting the community to learn and celebrate traditional creative practices.

Memories are Stories | Winter Memories is an audio story sharing event that travels to various neighborhoods in Boston to receive and share memories.

ResLab 2020, is a collaboration between ACDC, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center's Pao Arts Center, residents and creatives to shape Chinatown's cultural identity.