Krina Patel

Artist and educator, Krina Patel began her arts practice in India and continued it at the Arts Students League among other places, in New York City. Dividing her time between her studio in Boston and NYC, Krina shares stories and memories through images and texts. Krina engages with visual processes creating images using a range of media from pencils and brushes to digital pens and laser tools. Her creative process is collaborative as she invites viewers to participate directly and/or indirectly in creating and re-creating the art works.

Krina’s portfolio includes a number of socially relevant arts projects that engage local communities. She started Stir a Memory a food and memories project in 2010. The project was received enthusiastically and expanded to her current work: Memories are Stories.

During the winter of 2019, Krina traveled to different neighborhoods and community organizations including BCYFs to gather and record winter memories. The Winter Memories project was selected as the winning proposal by the city of Boston Mayor’s office of New Urban Mechanics. During the summer of 2020 she was part of Residence Lab 2020, a collaboration between Asian Community Development Corporation, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center’s Pao Arts Center, local residents, and creatives to shape Chinatown’s cultural identity. Krina’s digital skills ensured the safe and successful implementation of the project through the pandemic.

In addition to her social and civic engagement practice Krina is a visiting artist in Boston’s Public Schools where she works with students with diverse abilities.

Krina’s draws on her academic work as a researcher (Ed.D., Harvard University), and her experience integrating and supporting the use of digital technologies in her community arts projects. Working with empathy within community settings, Krina is committed to listening to diverse voices and working towards inclusion.