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        Siping Blower Limited Company (Former called Siping Jinfeng Limited Company), founded in 1958, was based on the original Siping Blower Manufacturer, being restructed into joint-stock enterprise. Company was conversed into the civil system of private economy with the state-owned capital withdraw, and was renamed Siping Blower Limited Company in Aug, 2006.

        The Company, a key enterprise of originalThe Ministry of China Machinery Building Industry , is now an executive director of the unit of China General Machinery Industry Association, a vice director unit of China General Machinery industry association, a key  enterprise of fan business and qualified supplier of China and the first export 10000t/d cement production line from China, and win Jilin province science and technology enterprise.

        The company covers an area of 220,000 square meters with a building area of 60,000 square meters, with 644 staffs by the end of 2012, including 67 engineers and technicians, 81 administrative staffs, and 160 staffs with college degree or above, 72 staffs with senior professional title, 23 staffs with medium grade professional title. She owns 0.43 billion RMB as total assets, 0.102 billion RMB as fixed assets. The company owns more than 400 sets of main equipments of which there are 40 precision, large and rare equipments.

        Provincial technical center and only national high temperature fan technology research institute lie in the company. The company jointly researches and develops new products with Xi’an Jiaotong University, North East University and Jilin University etc. She independently researches and develops new products too, and she combines them, owning a well-experienced fan design, manufacturing, testing, and mounting and powerful control-self complement design and service ability. The company can design and manufacture many usage fans in accordance with to customers’ requirement.

        The company is famous not only for developing the first high temperature fan in China but also for producing cement kiln tail high temperature fan, sintered fan, coal gas blower, power station fan, coal powder fan, corrosive-resisting fan, blower, large centrifugal fan, general centrifugal fan and completed accessories.

        The products are widely used in metallurgy, building material, power, chemical industry, mine, national defense and scientific research units etc, and sold to the whole nation and exported to Europe, Asian, Africa, South America, over40 countries and regions. It successfully completed for Ge Zhou Bar engineering, Shanghai Baoshan iron & steel, Baotou iron & steel  group. Conch group, Yatai groups, Jidong cement group,Tianrui group, Shanshui cement group, Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd and Chinese Building Materials Equipment Co., Ltd etc the national key projects and many large groups.

        She has designed various high temperature fans for different uses over 4000 sets in the recent ten years, and over 700 large high temperature fans for building material industry. The impeller’s tip speed can reach 230m/s, and it’s max. diameter is 4.3m, with it’s highest medium temperature 500℃. She has made over 1000 industrial furnace high temperature fans for metallurgical industry, the highest temperature 1050℃. Centrifugal ventilator’s max volume is 2,000,000m3/h at present, max pressure 25,000Pa, max impeller diameter 4.6m. She made an outstanding contribution to  our country’s high temperature fans technology development and avoiding the  imported fans.

        Main products series BB24 and BB50 cement kiln tail high temperature fans are evaluated exemption products, famous brand products by Jilin Province Government and product of countrywide user satisfaction. Series BB24 and BB50 fans, series MQ, AI, AII coal gas blowers, series AF sintering fans, ball sintering fans, D900 and D250 multi-stage centrifugal blowers and other products were honored gold award on the second session to the sixth session China international fluid mechanism exhibition many times. “Sifeng” nameplate was assessed famous nameplate in Jilin Province and a Chinese well-known trademark in 2010.

        She passed the attestation of ISO9001 quality management system  in 1994 in Chinese fan industry. She established modern enterprise system in 1995, and passed the three-system conformity certifications of management system quality, environment management system and occupation health safely management system in 2003. Her main products passed European Union CE certificate in 2006, and she was awarded Jilin province Quality Management Award in 2010. The company made a solid pace to modern management.

        She also won the national honor like National Civilized Unit, Advanced Community of National Machinery Industry,the advanced Community of National Spiritual Civilization Construction Work, Chinese Enterprises Operating Integrity Demonstration Community, Chinese Building Material Trade Standardized Work Advanced Commodity etc. She was appraised Jilin Province Civilization Unit, Model Enterprise, “May Day” Labor Certificate of merit, Three-good Enterprise of  “good mechanism, good management and good benefit”, Standardized Joint-stock Company, Quality Benefit Advanced Enterprise, Provincial Contract Credit Enterprises, Advanced Gross-roots Party, Spiritual Civilization Pacesetter Unit, Siping City Advanced Units of Production Safety. She has been awarded the outstanding contribution to enterprise tax for 11th consecutive years by Siping Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and the tenth session and the eleventh session model unit by Siping Government.



      Address:1299 Lishan Road, Tiedong District, Siping City, Jilin Province, China

      Telephone:0434-3320708 / 3320063


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      Copyright:Siping Blower Co., Ltd.

      Address:1299 Lishan Road, Tiedong District, Siping City, Jilin Province, China

      Telephone:0434-3320708 / 3320063